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r, there is much more● definite information. After the assa▓ssination of the Czar Alexander I▓I., which no one in Russia will b▓elieve was committed without the

hel●p of these groups, who knew defin●itely that the Emperor intended to si▓gn an order for arrest, the small and en▓tirely isolated group of perhaps a h▓undred and fift

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simply▓ exterminated, and several thousand people we▓re exiled to Siberia.With that the so-call▓ed aggression of nihilism ca▓me to an end.Malicious persons,[Pg▓ 254] however, think it ende▓d with the deed which was most in the ▓interest of the omnipotent po

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e assassination of Alexander▓ II.In any case, the police was● not at all severe in getting rid of● this definitely recognized band.At that ti▓me the doctrine of Marx was beginning to s●pread in Russia.This doctrine was loo●ked upon by the authorities as an a▓ntidote for the terrorism of a

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●xists, whose organ is the Is▓kra (Ray, or Spark), are doctr●inaires here as everywhere, swea●r—at least so the Revisionists declare—by● the theory that the poor are growing poorer,● and wish the peasants to abandon their land ●and to become a wanderi

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riat according to the catechism of Marx.●They were opposed by the late Mikhailovs▓ki, who knew Russia better than the founders o●f the Iskra.To-day the Marx●ists are supposed to be suppressed.●Besides these there is the l▓eague with the two Parisian organs,

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ary Russia, a mon●thly printed in Russian, and the Russian Tribu●ne, the real monitor of the socialistic ▓movement, and, next to Struve's O▓swobozhdenie, the best source of information▓ upon Russian conditions.The leaguers are forme▓r followers of Lasalle.They are exceedin●gly troublesome

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on account of t●heir close organization. For a ●while the police cherished the hope of be●ing able to seize the labor movement for▓ their own purposes.A certain Subatov invent▓ed a plan by which the polic▓e were to give financial support to the [Pg 2